At Leather Wood Custom, the finest leathers, premium hardwoods and quality hardware are combined to create custom creations.

I can outfit your equine, furnish your home or accent your personal style. A saddle for your horse or mule, leather upholstered furniture or personalized leather accessories tailor made to your custom orders.

This is a custom made mule saddle.
It started with a template molded from the animals back.
• For peak horse comfort and performance.
• Hand ground seat.
• No tin seat strainer as found on cheaper
production saddles.
• Made from numerous layers of leather
stacked upon each other and hand
formed for the ultimatein rider comfort.

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example 2

Innovative cross draw knife sheath, readily available in the event of a horse-wreck to cut a strap or rope in an emergency.

Skillfully tooled and meticulously constructed.

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example 3

Premium Rawhide covered wooden tree.

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Custom made to suit your profession.
Work specific products for the working professional.

Attention; carpenters, electricians, Foresters, arborists, doctors, musicians, computer programmers, technicians, or any professionals that take pride in their work, and spend the extra money on quality tools.

Let Leather Wood design the tool bag, briefcase, vest, laptop case, vest or back pack designed to fit the personal tools of your trade and serving as a calling card to your desire for quality and craftsmanship.